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Amazing.. Inspiring.. Thank you for this wonderful piece of work... Also, he should have used direct deposit. ;)

I LOL'D so hard. Very funny...

bboywreck responds:

I have a channel on youtube. I have alot of these videos. I am going to post some up on Newgrounds. My channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/SkyHiFilms

Ahahaha!!!! That was so funny! I don't think anyone has gone the "Yoda is a pervert who likes men" route before! CONGRATS!

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I thought you could eat the other blobs, nooo hahaha. But it would be better if you could eat the other blob things.

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After you click restart, when the kid says: "Nobody mess with my mommy". LOL I can't tell you how funny that is.

Sweet game

It oozed with Devil May Cry style. And in most cases it was A LOT like DMC. Like the weapons, characters, orbs, etc... I liked the combat. But I do have some complains about the system. I think that the guns should cause a little more damage, and you should incorperate potions into gameplay.

Lastly, you should get rid of the boss surge attack; or make it give you minimal damage. Because most of the time I was fighting bosses it was so hard to even damage and not die before I kill them. So I ended up dieing half the time.

Overall, good game; kind of old concept (DMC). But definetly a solid flash game. Its something I could never make.


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Nice dude!!

wandschrank responds:


Almost has a really cool unusual goa trance vibe to it. Great job! :D

DESHIEL responds:

OMG everyone says that they hear trance when I'm trying to do techno!

That's it I quit! X.x

Wow! Really surprised I thought it would be too repetitious at first, but it's really good! Well done! :)

I hope to get an animation done one of these days! It's been awhile but there might be something coming soon! :) "I've seen the world and the way of people I see the dream that lurks inside the shadows I hope to translate that dream into a reality."

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